Graphical Projection

We can start with the typical overview introduction, provided this time by Wikipedia:

Graphical projection is a protocol, used in technical drawing, by which an image of a three-dimensional object is projected onto a planar surface without the aid of numerical calculation. The projection is achieved by the use of imaginary “projectors”. The projected, mental image becomes the technician’s vision of the desired, finished picture. By following the protocol the technician may produce the envisioned picture on a planar surface such as drawing paper. The protocols provide a uniform imaging procedure among people trained in technical graphics (mechanical drawing, computer aided design, etc.).

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Pixel Art & Isometric Projection

Cocefi is a multimedia artist that creates amazing pixel and low poly artwork related to game development. While I’m gone on Wednesday and Thursday you will have a two day assignment involving creating isometric projection drawings of architectural interiors and exteriors inspired by the work of this artist and/or video games in general.

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