Schoology at Walter Reed MS

Last year LAUSD adopted a Learning Management System (LMS) called Schoology at all middle schools and high schools. Students are able to use schoology to view assignments, access resources and materials, and view grades and due dates. Open up the full post to see what you’ll need to do to start using Schoology.

Schoology Basics for Students

Students can access Schoology with a desktop web browser or by downloading an app for iOS or Android. The app will work on phones and tablets.

Download the Schoology app:

Access Schoology with a desktop browser:

Update or Activate Your District Email:

In order for a student to sign in to the schoology app or website they must have a current and active LAUSD email account. To reset a student email account you will need:

  • Your Student (District) ID
  • Your Birthdate
  • A 4 digit PIN number (I can provide this)

Once you have that information you can reset your LAUSD student email account at:

Note: If you are having trouble activating your email account, or do not have your PIN number, you can go to the Reed library and get help there.

Using The Mobile Schoology App

Once you’ve downloaded the Schoology app you’ll be prompted to sign in:


Use the search term Walter Reed and you should get a few options that all appear to be our school. However, the correct choice will have this information:

  • Walter Reed Middle School – 8355
  • a little teal/blue dot
  • A URL:

Like this:


Once you’ve chosen the correct instance of Walter Reed the app will provide you with the  official LAUSD Schoology login page. Sign in with your district email account (make sure to include and password.


Once you’re logged in you should be able to navigate to your classes. For example, here is what my Cartooning & Animation Materials tab looks like:

Note: Almost all of the elective classes at Walter Reed now have the course title of CAREER AWARE A: TERM AF. It’s a long story. :/


The Materials tab is where you will find assignment descriptions, due dates, and all assignment related resources and materials.

Here is the Updates tab:


The Updates tab is where I will post all sorts of different announcements, general class information, and alert students to any additions or changes to the Materials tab.

The Upcoming tab:


The Upcoming tab has two modes. A list mode, that simply lists the upcoming assignments and due dates, and a Calendar view:


Additional Resources

Parents! If you’re wondering how you can access Schoology, follow the link below to a LAUSD district page that should provide you with instructions:

Cookie Monster Resources