Architectural Plan Views

A floor plan is the most fundamental architectural diagram, a view from above showing the arrangement of spaces in building in the same way as a map, but showing the arrangement at a particular level of a building. Technically it is a horizontal section cut through a building (conventionally at four feet / one metre and twenty centimetres above floor level), showing walls, windows and door openings and other features at that level. The plan view includes anything that could be seen below that level: the floor, stairs (but only up to the plan level), fittings and sometimes furniture. Objects above the plan level (e.g. beams overhead) can be indicated as dotted lines.

Contemporary Floor Plans: 1990s-2010s


A modestly sized home in Glendora, CA by The Olson Company (2015)

fp1a 14084_PLAN_2C

A large home in Glendora, CA by William Lyon Homes (2015)



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