The Changing Skyline of New York City

The New York Times on the architectural transformation of the city:

  • The New Shapes of New York (November 2016): Its transformation has been nothing less than astonishing over the past decade. Even when it seems as if there were nowhere left to go, the city, with its manifold appetites, could not be contained. Thanks to new concrete technologies, we have witnessed an eruption of very slender, very tall (some might say very crass) buildings. But for every heroic skyscraper, there are more than a few more humble, human-scale ventures — a salt shed, a library, a residential hyperbolic paraboloid…
  • As a New High Society Climbs in Manhattan, It’s a Race to the Top (December 2015): The New York skyline is always in flux, and not everyone has been happy about it. In the past, most of the consternation was directed at office towers. Now, though, as the city competes for verticality with Beijing, Dubai and London, residential towers are reshaping the skyline.